Sunday, February 17, 2013

ORDAINED IRREVERENCE reviewed by Steve Hilton


If you've ever been curious as to what goes on behind the scenes at larger churches across the United States, here's your invitation.  Follow Elmo Jenkins as he interns at the First Baptist Church, completing his final assignment before graduating seminary.  You'll laugh . . . no, you'll roar, as Elmo learns the finer points of visitation, counseling, and baptisms.  McMillan Moody pulls back the curtain and reveals "the code" of church-ese, communication, and church protocol.  Mr. Moody invites you to become a staff member, along with Elmo, and learn first-hand how to organize your day and a youth-group all-nighter in 15 minutes or less. And witness the most romantic marriage proposal you've ever seen.  Yes . . . I'm a man.  Yes . . . I cried.  I'm a seminary graduate and minister myself, and was once on staff ( I was Dunston ) at a larger church, and can vouch for the veracity of Mr. Moody's research.  As the British are fond of saying, Mr. Moody is "spot-on."  And since Mr. Moody is constantly stealing lines from the rich and famous, I'm going to take the same liberties:  Mr. Moody, "thanks for the memories."

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