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Is God still in the healing business?  That’s a question many people, maybe most people if we are honest with ourselves, find ourselves asking at various times throughout our brief span which we call “our life.”  That is also one of the questions that Harold J. Sala addresses in his book, What You Need To Know About Healing.  And thankfully, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” 

The author first addresses the issue of the extremes; some refuse to believe that God is still in the healing business because “God just doesn’t work that way in this dispensation.”  Others firmly believe that God’s will is that everyone be made whole.  If you are still broken, then obviously there is something wrong with your relationship with God.  In an effort to stop the wildly swinging pendulum, Mr. Sala investigates the theology of healing from a Scriptural point of view.  He looks at healing in the Old Testament, in the ministry of Jesus Christ, in the ministry of the apostles, and on into the current time frame.  Throughout the book, one note keeps tolling it’s message over and over:  God is sovereign!  God can and will do whatever he desires to do, and his character and attributes remain fully intact regardless of how we, in our finite understanding, see the outcomes.

Of course, healing is in the eyes of the beholder.  Our notions of healing, and how it is supposed to work, may differ widely from the way in which The Great Physician practices.  But you cannot deny His love, you cannot deny His compassion, you cannot deny His heart that breaks for each and every one of us.

Peppered throughout the book are real life accounts of miraculous healings that have taken place instantaneously; healings that have taken place over periods of time, and instances where healing, as we consider it, did not take place at all.  And yet through it all (to paraphrase theologian Francis Schaeffer) “God was there, and he was not silent.”

What You Need To Know About Healing is an informative, engrossing, transforming read, for those who have an ear to hear.  I highly recommend it.

5 stars

What You Need To Know About Healing
Harold J. Sala
ISBN 978-1-4336-7889-9
Spiritual Healing \ Healing \ Christian Life
B&H Publishing Group
230 pages
$14.99 U.S.

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