Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Writing about things that you know is one of the cardinal rules for those who wish to be seen in print.  Shawn Grady brings over a decade of service as a paramedic and firefighter to his debut novel, Through The Fire, and it shows on every page.  You may have never darkened the door of a firehouse in your life, but that will not be a hindrance.  Within 3 chapters, you will be in the “swing” of things as you join forces with Aidan O'Neill, a Reno firefighter, struggling with the loss of his father, who was also a Reno fireman. 

Someone is deliberately setting fires in and around Reno, and the signature is unlike anything anyone has seen before.  Aidan is determined to find the answers to his father’s death, and his investigation links that incident with the arsons that are occurring with increasing frequency and devastating results.  Aidan receives help from many quarters, and in the process he realizes that not all fires are bad.  The fire of faith enables one to endure, the fire of love enables one to overcome, and the fire of holiness burns to eliminate the impurities of a life not surrendered to God. 

I read this book in just three hours, because I could not put it down. 

5 stars

Through The Fire
Shawn Grady
ISBN 0764205951
Fiction \ Christian\General
Bethany House
336 pages
$13.99 U.S.