Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Forgiveness is not for the faint of heart.  June Hunt, the author of this Bible Study, candidly declares, “There is no shame in the struggle to forgive.  The struggle is real.”  Having said that, she also points out that while forgiveness is not easy, nor does it come naturally, forgiveness is a decision, not an emotion.  More importantly for believers, forgiveness is not an option.

It’s a commandment.

This 6 – Session Bible study meets all the expectations that one would desire from a high-quality curriculum.  I was impressed and encouraged with the sections that covered the expectations of the Bible Study, and the notes to the student(s) and the leader(s) that set the tone for a successful, interesting, and motivating Bible study on the topic of forgiveness.  I was especially excited to see a clear, concise, and decidedly un-apologetic presentation of the plan of salvation in the opening pages.  Too often this presentation is placed at the end of the Bible study, and its position there provides the opportunity to treat it as a kind of afterthought.

With great open-ended questions that really get the ball rolling, Scripture passages that are central to the topic (not just “proof-texting,”), discussion questions at the end of each session and suggestions for concrete application, I just really feel like June Hunt hit the ball out of the park with this Bible study.  Another exciting feature that one can anticipate is “Fill-In-The-Blank” sample prayers related to the topic of forgiveness.  I’ve printed one off and have it hanging on my study wall, even as I’m writing this review.

June Hunt uses the testimony of Corrie Ten Boom as a backdrop for her study sessions, and I’m not going to steal all of her thunder, but I can’t help sharing the final conclusion that Corrie Ten Boom arrived at when faced with the challenge of forgiveness:
"When Christ tells us to love our enemies, He gives along with the command, the love itself."
Corrie Ten Boom

What better invitation to explore this difficult topic of forgiveness?

Rose Publishing has provided me with an advanced reader copy of this published work.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

TITANIS: Never Say Never, Again!

Once bitten . . . twice shy.

Fool me once, shame on you . . . fool me twice, shame on me!

Pick your pejorative, both have been seared into the heart of Eamon "Titanis" Straider, a former special forces operator who left the military after having learned these lessons the hard way.  Through deception and betrayal.  But his mum is having none of it.

Neither is Lady Ellis Rostov-LeClair, a philanthropist who lives her life in the shadows cast by a mangled e-mail, working mightily to make Eamon's memorial to his fallen mates a reality, while at the same time struggling to bring her own dreams of a future with this apparent son of Poseidon to fruition.

Eamon's self-imposed isolation unwittingly sets the stage for one of his greatest challenges, threatening his goals, his dreams, and the lives of those whom he holds closest to a heart raging to be set free once again to love and to live.

Ronie Kendig's craft as a writer of military suspense is comparable to a fine wine . . . it just gets better over time.  While penned as a novella, TITANIS reads with all the suspense, tension and romance of a full-length novel.  You won't want to stop reading TITANIS until the very last page.

5 stars for military suspense at its finest!

Monday, August 14, 2017

CHASING SECRETS Can Be A Deadly Past Time!

Make sure you have the required amount of time to read this book . . . because once you start, you won’t be putting it down until you’ve finished. 

Lynette Eason, in Book 4 of The Elite Guardians series, captures the reader's interest from page one, and just when you think you’re going to get a breather from the romance, suspense, and crackling tension, she takes it to a whole other level.

Haley Callaghan has carved a career out of keeping people safe, and she is very good at her job.  So it’s rather disconcerting to find herself on the receiving end of her services.  But when danger crosses the water from County Mayo, Ireland, she quickly realizes that she’s in over her head. 

For Detective Steven Rothwell, returning home to handle some family business has reopened old wounds, and added a few new ones.  While investigating several murders which seem to be linked, his path crosses Haley’s.  Curiosity leads to definite interest, especially when Steven discovers that Haley is at the center of his investigation.  A cursory background check on the elite guardian reveals more questions than answers, and Steven does what any Detective worth his badge would do . . . he investigates.

Little does he know that they are both unwitting pawns in a game that is far larger, and with far more at stake, than either of them realize.  And while Detective Rothwell is busy putting out fires on the street, he is helpless to do anything about the one burning in his heart.

5 stars for non-stop action!

Lynette Eason
Christian Romance / Suspense
ISBN 9780800723910
338 pages
$14.99, paperback

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill Meet Again!

The strange forces that forged two individuals into leaders of two great nations . . . then allies . . . and ultimately as friends . . . form the basis for Matt Clayton's combined introduction to Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

If you've read the previous stand-alone offerings on these two men, note that there really hasn't been any remarkable changes.  But the introductory chapter is worthy of consideration.

If you haven't read either, or you don't have both volumes in your library, this is a great opportunity to gain fresh understanding into the lives of two great men who were pivotal in meeting and defeating one of the world's greatest enemies to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

5 stars for a wonderful introduction to two great men!