Monday, May 30, 2016


Rescuing Finley Only 99 Cents Now
Wanted to make you aware of a major discount going on with 2 of my novels right now. I know of you might already have a copy of one or both of them. If you already have the books, feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who might enjoy them (especially thinking of Dog Lovers for the first one).

Rescuing Finley is on sale now on Kindle for only 99 CENTS (marked down from $3.99). The sale starts today and runs through Wednesday, the 15th. And, as always, it's FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

The book has been doing very well since its release last November, and it continues to get rave reviews. As of now, it has rec'd 189 Amazon reviews, 85% are 5 Stars (4.8 Avg). And it's reaching out beyond the Christian fiction crowd, connecting just as well with dog lovers and those who support our Wounded Warriors.

CLICK HERE to check it out on Amazon
The Homecoming - Only $1.99
My publisher has reduced the price of my 2nd novel, The Homecoming, to $1.99 for the entire month of June. This book is actually the sequel to my 1st novel, The Unfinished Gift, although I wrote it so that it could stand alone. This is a reconciliation story and a love story set on the Homefront during WW2.

It was actually my first novel where critics began to compare my books to Nicholas Sparks (although, unlike Sparks, my books don't end in might reach for the tissues, but not because I've made you sad).

CLICK HERE to check it out on Amazon.
(This book also available on Nook)

Brief Explanation About My Publishing Status

I thought putting these 2 novels together in the same email might present an opportunity to briefly explain something some of my readers might not understand. You may have noticed with some of my books, I seem to be the one putting them on sale or offering some big discount, and with others I use the language, "My publisher..." (like I did for The Homecoming).

That's because my first 12 novels were published the traditional way, through a major publisher who had the responsibility to get my books in print and on the shelves. At the end of 2014, we parted ways (on friendly terms), and I decided to start publishing my own novels as an indie. The publisher still owns all the rights to those first 12 novels. I have no control over what price they set for them, when they offer them on sale, or for how much.

One of the main reasons for this change was that a "massive shift" in fiction readers' buying habits occurred. Most began buying their books online, rather than in the traditional stores. When about 90% of my audience began doing this, I realized I no longer needed my publisher to reach most of my readers. I also wanted more creative control with my writing career. For example, I wanted the freedom to ALSO write suspense novels (likeWhen Night Comes) and the Forever Home series (Book 1 is Rescuing Finley). My publisher didn't want me to do either of these things (didn't think they'd work). I believed they would do just fine (and they have).

I also believed they charged WAY too much for the ebooks (they still do). Ebooks cost a lot less to produce and I wanted to pass that savings on to the reader (of which I am one). Some of you have asked why some of my ebooks are priced so high. This is why. If I had control of those first 12 books, I'd mark all of them down to $3.99 ($4.99 at the most).

Hope this explanation makes sense and clears up any confusion. Hope you have a GREAT SUMMER!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Have You Applied The Word Lately? Learn How With The NKJV APPLY THE WORD STUDY BIBLE!

The NKJV Apply The Word Study Bible addresses what I feel is the most overlooked, most underrated, and most crucial aspect of Bible study . . . actually applying the word to the lives of the reader.  Where the rubber meets the road.  As Howard Hendricks would have said, “What?” (the content of the Bible) needs to be followed by “So What?”  Without an application, the Bible is just another book.

The NKJV Apply The Word Study Bible comes in the Kindle edition ($14.99), a hardback edition ($25.21) and 4 imitation leather editions ($37.49 - $44.99.)  I received the EPub edition for review, so I am somewhat limited in what I can address in terms of functions on the Kindle.  The Kindle doesn’t read EPub files, but the Adobe Digital Editions reader does, so that’s what I’m basing my review on.

The first thing I noted was the intuitiveness of the EPub file.  If the program works half as good on Kindle as it does on the ADE platform, the customer will be more than pleased with the purchase.  I poked around, selecting links at random, and every one of them responded quickly and correctly.  There are cross-references clearly marked in a light-blue color, to either corresponding Bible passages or commentary, notes, or reference material.  And while there is a learning curve to getting back to the original passage under study, it’s very slight . . . and then again, one can always consult the Navigation Panel, which can be toggled on or off from a button at the top left-hand side of the page.

There is a wealth of reference material such as tables of weights and measures with their anticipated equivalent in today’s standards, as well as articles, maps and charts to help clarify the background of the passage and explain historical / cultural idiosyncrasies.  And while they are not in-depth discussions, they help smooth the way and shed some light on obscure passages.

The concordance is again modest, not exhaustive.  But the passages selected provide a “broad sweep” that covers the entire body of Scripture, and they serve as a topical Bible of sorts, as well. 

The articles related to applying the Bible are aimed more toward providing timeless truths and principles that can be used immediately, wherever one may be in life.  Again, they are brief, and provide more of an outline than an exhaustive compendium.  But when one considers the fact that one has a Bible which is consciously striving to provide just such an application, when there are many study Bibles on the market which are not . . . well, you do the math.

One aspect of the Bible which I might consider a bit of “overkill” is the textual criticisms noted in the text.  It just feels a bit odd to find references to critical Greek texts in an application study Bible.  Unless you are a Greek scholar, or seminary-trained, the fact that “this particular word is not in a particular Greek manuscript” is going to confuse you at best.  Worst-case scenario, the reader may feel that he’s got a high-falutin’ Greek Bible wannabe, instead of what he originally purchased the Apply The Word study Bible in the first place – to learn how to apply the word!  And if he feels that he’s bought a pig in a poke, it’s going back to the store he bought it from, pronto.

I’m still giving this Bible 5 stars, because all of its advantages far outweigh the one thing I found to quibble about.  As a seminary-trained lay pastor of a small church, I’ve already informed my wife that she is to ask me, when I’ve finished my sermon preparation, if I’ve consulted this Bible in my preparation.  If I have not, she is to send me back to my study to do so.

ISBN 978-0-718-04258-5 (EPub Edition)
Bible / Reference Book / Religion and Spirituality
Thomas Nelson Publishers
4314 pages (Kindle Edition)
$14.99 U.S.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Remembering Dresden Is Now In Print!

For those who've been waiting...

It's finally here (though almost a month late). For those who've been waiting for the print version of Remembering Dresden, it's finally available on Amazon. So sorry for the delay. We were having the hardest time getting the colors right (too dark to even see anything in the bottom half). The final version is still a little darker than the digital image, but I decided to go for it rather than delay its release any longer.

One good thing about the's allowed some time for 24 Amazon reviews to come in (avg 4.7 Stars). Most people are saying they like it as much or more than When Night Comes (Book 1 in the series). 

CLICK HERE to get your copy on Amazon.

Some Fun News About Book 1 to Share

To help promote Remembering Dresden, I've been offering When Night Comes(the first book in the series) for FREE from May 21-25th (Sat-Wed). As of this moment (mid-afternoon, Day 4) a whopping37,651 people have downloaded a copy. I put the first 2 chapters of Book 2 in the back, and a link to order it on Amazon. We'll see how many do.

If you haven't gotten your FREE copy of When Night Comes, you still can until tomorrow (Wed) night. If you know of any friends who like suspense novels and want to check it out, feel free to forward this email to them.

CLICK HERE to go to the Amazon page.

Thanks to all those who've either ordered copies of the books or helped me to spread the word!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Understanding and Enjoying THE SENSE OF HUMOR by Max Elliot Anderson

“If you can find humor in a situation, you can survive it.”

Those are the words of an unnamed comedian in the book, THE SENSE OF HUMOR, and the emphasis on the word “sense” is intentional.  Think of humor as the “sixth sense” that everyone keeps talking about, but can never quite define.  But understand, as well, that humor needs to be elevated out of the relative obscurity it enjoys in stand-up comedy clubs and late-night talk shows.

The therapeutic effects of humor have been analyzed, scrutinized, contemplated, collated, and annotated ad nauseam, but are usually hidden by a forest of mathematical, medical, psychological and statistical tables so dense that the subject dies from lack of oxygen.

Max Elliot Anderson has taken all of the data and put it in the language of the man on the street.  Finally, whoever has an interest in the art and science of humor has a resource that will help them put a name on the positive effects of humor.

But we are living in the 21st Century, and the average consumer demands more!  So . . . Anderson delivers.

The book is divided into two roughly equal parts.  The first part is “How Humor Does What It Does.”

The second part of the book allows one to fully experience everything talked about in the first half, by providing a collection of humorous jokes, anecdotes, gaffs and giggles that will keep one in stitches – and out of the hospital – for the better portion of the remainder of one’s natural life. 

5 stars for a book that delivers everything promised in the title!

Max Elliot Anderson
ISBN: 978-1-942513-97-1
Humor / Entertainment
Elk Lake Publishing
$15.95 paperback

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Real Life Horatio Alger - L.K. Wood - As Everyone Should!

"We're gonna see better days."

It's what his father always told  him.  Even after his mother abandoned the family.  Even after his father died a few years later from pluerisy.  Even after Lowell Kenneth Wood and his little brother ended up living in an orphanage.

"We're gonna see better days."  It's what L.K. Wood told his brother, right before he lit out to live a life that turned out to be larger than life itself.  Right before he left the orphanage to begin keeping a promise to his dying father, a promise to his younger brother . . . a promise to himself.

But the saying . . . and the doing . . . are sometimes further apart than one can ever anticipate.  And while he was too young to express it, burning at the very core of his being was an unforgiving spirit which tinted every position, every conversation, every relationship that he ever entered into.

It wasn't until he met Patty Ogden, who would soon become Wife Number Six for L.K., that the concepts of healing and forgiveness began to make sense to  the man who had taught Clark Gable how to knife fight in boot camp, flew B17 bombers over "The Hump" in World War II, served as a spy for the OSS, and helped bring The Arch to St. Louis, while building a multi-million dollar real estate business.  He even went on a blind date with Shirley Temple before entering the military.

How do you like them apples?

You will not WANT to put this book down, once you open the covers.  Collaborating with Robert J. Scudieri, close friend, pastor, and a legend in his own right, the prose flows like poetry, the poetry flows like music, and the memories flow like a fine wine.  And that's not a bad analogy.  This is a book that needs to be savored, not merely read.  The adventure is breathtaking . . . and the hard lessons learned throughout this odyssey are timeless.

5 stars for a literary work of art

L.K. Wood with Robert J. Scudieri
ISBN: 978-0-9970642-0-9
Business / Religion / Biography & History
The Spirit of Naples & Southwest Florida

$29.99 hardcover w/ jacket