Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Remembering Dresden Is Now In Print!

For those who've been waiting...

It's finally here (though almost a month late). For those who've been waiting for the print version of Remembering Dresden, it's finally available on Amazon. So sorry for the delay. We were having the hardest time getting the colors right (too dark to even see anything in the bottom half). The final version is still a little darker than the digital image, but I decided to go for it rather than delay its release any longer.

One good thing about the wait...it's allowed some time for 24 Amazon reviews to come in (avg 4.7 Stars). Most people are saying they like it as much or more than When Night Comes (Book 1 in the series). 

CLICK HERE to get your copy on Amazon.

Some Fun News About Book 1 to Share

To help promote Remembering Dresden, I've been offering When Night Comes(the first book in the series) for FREE from May 21-25th (Sat-Wed). As of this moment (mid-afternoon, Day 4) a whopping37,651 people have downloaded a copy. I put the first 2 chapters of Book 2 in the back, and a link to order it on Amazon. We'll see how many do.

If you haven't gotten your FREE copy of When Night Comes, you still can until tomorrow (Wed) night. If you know of any friends who like suspense novels and want to check it out, feel free to forward this email to them.

CLICK HERE to go to the Amazon page.

Thanks to all those who've either ordered copies of the books or helped me to spread the word!

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