Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review of THE RUNNER by A. Wayne Gill

Michael Knight, the son of a preacher man who was the son of a preacher man, received a vision for his life in a Manhattan hotel room.  And it had nothing to do with preaching.  Michael was called to be a warrior in an entirely different arena.  And God would not let him off the hook.

Weathering the storms of familial shock and disappointment, Michael makes the necessary steps to prepare himself for a lifelong war with evil in the courtrooms of the United States.  Along the way, he must count the cost of his decisions, which mount ever higher as his goal comes in sight.  And then there were deeper, darker issues which must be confronted as well.  Issues that require the services of a warrior.

This is the first in a 7-part series in the life of Michael Knight.  A deeply caring heart for God rests securely in the body of a young man who has feasted on competition his whole life.  And the reader of this series will be able to watch the transformation of God’s grace and the administration of God’s justice as the series progresses.  What a great combination! 

I highly recommend The Runner to readers who have a desire to truly see God at work in the life of a man wholly committed to Him.

5 stars

The Runner
A. Wayne Gill
ISBN 978-0- 9797856-1-0
Fiction \ Christian Suspense \ Legal Thriller
Iron Pillar Media Group
$8.45 U.S.

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