Friday, March 29, 2013

Landmarks:  Turning Points On Your Journey Toward God
Bill Delvaux
ISBN 978-1-4336-7922-3
Christian Life\Discipleship\Spiritual Life
B&H Publishing Group
190 pages
$14.99 U.S.

“The well-worn rut most of us live in is safe, comfortable . . . some would call it dead.  By contrast, coming alive requires a willingness to journey into the unknown.  Following Jesus is just such a path . . . there are risks involved, and there is no point A to point B map.  But there are landmarks . . .”

Sometimes the story gets in the way of the message.  Unfortunately, this is my experience with Landmarks:  Turning Points On Your Journey Toward God.  While author Bill Delvaux provides an interesting outline to consider, and a good visual aid ( “landmarks” while one is on a journey ) the principles that are considered in each chapter serve to jog his memory about “the time when I . . .” Upon further reflection, the subtitle might well have been, “Turning Points On MY Journey Toward God.”  I’m not biased against personal anecdote, providing it keeps its proper place; sort of a signal flare that guides the reader into a deeper spiritual truth.  But when the anecdote becomes the main point . . . I tend to lose interest.

I appreciate everything that Bill has gone through, and there are many “landmarks” that he and I have in common.  But, for me . . . the story got in the way of the message.

2 stars

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