Sunday, July 16, 2017

So You Think You Know Franklin D. Roosevelt? Read Captivating History: Franklin Delano Roosevelt To Find Out!

Well, folks, the blinders are off.  With extensive footnotes from both primary and secondary sources, Captivating History introduces you to Franklin Delano Roosevelt; the only man in the history of the presidency to serve three terms in office . . . and to be elected for a fourth!  Had his health not robbed this nation of one of her greatest statesman, presidents, and public servant, who knows how many more chapters would have been written!

This book reads more like an expos√© than a history book, meaning that you won't be completely inundated with facts and figures, dates, times and places.  You will be privy to stuff about Franklin Roosevelt that you never knew . . . and maybe some stuff that you would have happily remained in ignorance of.

It's amazing how much Franklin Roosevelt accomplished in his lifetime, despite serious health issues and constant battles with his personal demons.  Therein lies the greatness of the man . . . that he was able to guide this nation through World War II, the Great Depression, and financial crises over a period of 12 years.  His indomitable will carried the day when a lesser man might have failed.  His rallying cry, "never give up; never, never, never give up!" is still as soul-stirring as the day in which he first uttered it.

His personal peccadillos serve as a reminder of what one man can do, despite his feet of clay.  

This is a quick read, and yet it serves as a wonderful "snapshot" of one of America's most beloved leaders.

5 stars for a wonderful introduction to Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

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