Tuesday, November 10, 2015

THE FIVE TIMES I MET MYSELF Fascinating Fiction from James L. Rubart

I’ve been played.  Like a fine-tuned instrument in the hands of a master.  In his latest project (you cannot call what James L. Rubart does writing, anymore than you can call what Michelangelo did sculpting, or what DaVinci did painting, or what Beethoven did composing) James L. Rubart subtly captured my interest, and then skillfully played upon my emotions and my intellect.  Until it was too late.

To stop, that is.  To stop experiencing (one does not read James L. Rubart’s projects) the vision that is THE FIVE TIMES I MET MYSELF.

Who doesn’t have regrets over decisions made in the past?  Who hasn’t entertained the idea, even said the words, “If I only knew then what I know now . . .

Things would be different.  I’d have done things differently.  I would have chosen what’s behind door number three.

Regret is a huge idea that lingers in the background; it’s the outline of many of our future decisions and determinations.  Sometimes it’s the foundation of many of our most intricately laid plans, and most expansive endeavors.  (Sometimes, it may even spark one’s interest and cause one to write a book about it.)

Brock Matthews’ once promising life is unraveling.  His coffee company.  His marriage.  So . . . when he discovers his vivid dreams – where he meets his younger self – might actually let him change his past mistakes, he jumps at the chance.  The results are astonishing – and disturbing.  Because getting what Brock wants most in the world will force him to give up the one thing he doesn’t know how to let go.

And his greatest fear is that it’s already too late.

* WARNING *  Do not open this book unless you are willing to entertain the idea of having your whole world turned upside down.

5 stars for mesmerizing fiction from James L. Rubart

James L. Rubart
Thomas Nelson
$15.99 U.S. / $19.99 CAD

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