Wednesday, October 21, 2015

MIRACLE DRUG from author Dr. Richard Mabry

Personal physician to one of the former leaders of the world.  Possibly every physician’s dream job.

Josh would rather have his colleague back.

Appointed to the position following the suspicious murder of Dr. Ben Lambert, Dr. Josh Pearson already has a bad feeling about this.  His fears are confirmed when he diagnoses former president David Madison with a mutated form of diptheria.  Mutated, as in . . . genetically engineered for the purpose of biochemical warfare.   His girlfriend is diagnosed, as well.

And there is only enough serum for one patient.

While holding to his medical thriller roots, author Richard Mabry seems a bit lost in this book.  The imagery is flat, the pace is pedantic, and the plot feels forced.  Everything seems a bit superficial, which is uncharacteristic of this author.  Still one of my favorite authors, this is probably one I would have trouble recommending wholeheartedly.

3 stars for another medical thriller from Dr. Richard L. Mabry!

ISBN 978-1-6308-8118-4
Abingdon Press
296 pages
$14.99 U.S.

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