Wednesday, July 15, 2015

THE PILGRIM by Davis Bunn . . . Sometimes, re-visiting the past can change your future forever!

Davis Bunn
ISBN 978-1-61636-865-4
Franciscan Media
165 pages
$14.99 U.S.

“Helena stood on the ship’s deck and surveyed the army sent to kill her.”

In my opinion, author Davis Bunn is the reigning champion of “opening sentences.”  In fourteen words, he has managed to capture my curiosity, my attention, and my heart.  And it just gets better, from that point on!

Helena – the consort of Emperor Constantinus, from which union came Constantine The Great – is on a pilgrimage.  Abandoned by her husband, in danger because of her faith, Helena nonetheless presses forward.  In so doing, she impacts history as no other woman has done.  Miracles seem to follow her as she wins many over to the faith.  Lives are changed forever, including her own.

Her faith provides the necessary courage, strength, and zeal necessary to begin the journey. . .

Will it be enough to see her through?

The greatest compliment that I can offer to author Davis Bunn is simply this; he cares.

He genuinely desires to “get it right,” to be true to the authentic details of the time of which he is writing.  This latest novel, THE PILGRIM, is no exception.  And the necessary work that Davis Bunn had to have done in order to attain this authenticity, this faithfulness to the facts of a time so far removed from our own, is a testimony not only to his desire – but to his abilities as a researcher, a scholar, a quintessential student of history.

His ability to take the gleanings of his study, and weave them together into the rich fabric of a novel that will gently lay hold of the reader’s attention, and never let it go, is just the frosting on a beautifully baked cake.

For more on this wonderful novel, I've provided some links below!  You can read the first three chapters, visit THE PILGRIM page for more info on the background of this book, and get to know the author a little better!


                                                                                                       Davis Bunn, Author

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Franciscan Media in exchange for my honest review.

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