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As I had not read the previous novel, ONE REALM BEYOND, I had to do a little bit of research in order to get some background.  Thank you to all the people who reviewed the first book on Amazon, especially Emileigh, who gave me a first-rate introduction to the characters!

Having said that, TWO RENEGADE REALMS is easily a stand-alone novel, and the writing style – excuse me, the STORY-TELLING style of author Donita K. Paul – captures the entire person from the first page.  One does not merely read about the events that are occurring on the pages; one becomes a member of the party, and is standing alongside Cantor, and Bixby, and all the rest as they struggle to find the answer to their various quests – and questions.

In TWO RENEGADE REALMS, the Cantor party is tasked with finding the famed realm walker Chomomountain, and free him from his imprisonment.  Instead, they find themselves joining in his predicament.  It will take all of their gifts and abilities, as well as the grace of Primen (a cognomen, in this series, for the One True God) to succeed.

I must confess to having read enough to write a review on this book, as said review is already long overdue.  How much did I read, you may ask?  Probably 10 pages, at best.  What are my intentions?  I’m going to FINISH THIS BOOK!!!  The writing style, the creativity that the author brings to this work, and the desire to bring glory to God, and God alone, are evident enough, and more than enough, to enable me to write this review in this fashion.

My most humble apologies to the author and Zondervan for the tardiness of this review.

5 stars for a fantasy that brings one closer to Him

TWO RENEGADE REALMS:  (Book Two of The Realm Walkers)
Donita K. Paul
ISBN 978-0-310-73581-6
JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Christian /Fantasy
416 pages

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