Monday, August 4, 2014


While the author admits that this book is actually the 3rd Edition, the world of finance, money, debt and the problems associated with all of the above have so drastically changed that one might well say author Mary Hunt has written the same book – three times over!

And I say, “God bless her, for it!”  Because the problem of debt has grown to be an enemy of enormous size, and its chief weapons are depression, distress, and despair.  Let’s face it – debt is BIG BUSINESS these days.  For every book written trying to show the way out of the wilderness, there are ten more books written, ten more voices clamoring that you really DO need that new item, and it really IS ok to whip out that credit card and get it NOW!

Mary Hunt is not afraid to stand in the shadow of the giant, and sling her stones of wisdom and practical advice in order to bring him to the ground.  And while the book IS somewhat intimidating in terms of size (311 pages) author Mary Hunt brings a readable style honed by years of teaching her methods, and is able to explain and illustrate complexities in such a way that you really DO get it.

Mary Hunt is not idealistic when it comes to this subject.  She recognizes that she is never going to single-handedly reduce the $851 BILLION United States credit card debt, and the $1 TRILLION dollar student loan debt to a zero amount.  However, in her own words, “What matters are individual lives. I measure effectiveness and progress by the mail I receive from people whose lives have been forever changed because they learned how to manage their money by following the debt-proof living principles you will find in this book.”

Who knows?  You could be her next success story!

5 stars for a book that is not afraid to take on the giants!

ISBN  978-0-8007-2145-9
CLBF / Personal Finance
311 pages
$ 14.99 (U.S.) 

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