Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I want to RE-SEND this review, and extend my apologies to Bethany House, and to the authors for the previous post.  I misunderstood the situation, and did not realize that this was part of a three-book set.  My previous concerns were with the brevity of the book, and the material that had been "left out" of this volume of systematic theology.  Having said that . . . 

What the authors of this book do, they do well.  With references and illustrations drawn from current technology and quotations from recent movies and books, this is a very readable book that engages the reader from page one.  Other welcome aspects of this book include tight outlines that provide a summary of the doctrine at hand, a brief history of that doctrine throughout the ages, distortions to be aware of and avoid, reading lists for further study, and a glossary of theological terms.  The authors have taken "dry and dusty" out of the study of theology, and have not only shown the relevance of a systematic study of the church, spiritual growth, and the end times . . . they have provided numerous examples for how it works out in real life . . . "where the rubber meets the road," so to speak.

I'm looking forward to the finished set.

5 stars for a systematic theology that motivates the reader to do something about it! 

Nathan D. Holsteen & Michael J. Svigel
ISBN 978-0-7642-1129-4
Bethany House
251 pages
$16.99 (U.S.)

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