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In Soul’s Gate, spiritual warfare took on dimensions of Biblical proportion.  In Memory’s Door, the next step is taken.  And I wondered, as I wandered through this book – is James Rubart at times overcome by the truths which he is communicating?  Does he feel his soul being wrenched with the passion he infuses into his “works of fiction?”

I experienced, vicariously, the thrills of victory . . . and the agonies of defeat (pardon the clichés) of the various members of Warriors Riding as they come to grips with the inevitable truth:  as powerful as their ministry is in the lives of others, they, too, stand in need of healing.  And forgiveness.  And yes, even confession of sin, and the grace and mercy which accompanies such confessions. 

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For the Temple is in need of healing; the Song is out of tune, the Leader has lost her way, and the Teacher must once again become the student in a school where the lessons come hard, and the final exam is Pass . . . or Fail.

And eternal souls hang in the balance.

James Rubart has once again crafted a work that will take you from page one to the end in such a way that you won’t even feel like you are reading a book.  There were times when I had to simply put the book down, and walk away, because what was being communicated was too difficult to face at the time.  But the book kept drawing me back, as all good ones will.

Thank you, James Rubart, for your passion . . . and for not pulling any punches.

5 Stars

Memory’s Door
James Rubart
ISBN 978-1-4016-8607-6
Fiction \ Christian\Suspense
Thomas Nelson
358 pages
$15.99 U.S.

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