Monday, October 29, 2012

Review of Germ By Robert Liparulo

Robert Liparulo
Copyright 2006 by Robert Liparulo
ISBN 0-7852-6178-8
496 pages
$22.99 Jacketed Hardcover

Do we have a match?  That is the question that is on everyone’s mind, as they contemplate their fate.  In Germ, the deadly Ebola virus has taken on a new dimension, as bioterrorists have developed the genetic know-how to determine just who will develop a full-blown case of the deadly disease, and who will survive with a common cold.  And the determination is made with cold-blooded, 100 percent accuracy.

Julia Matheson is a specially-trained FBI investigator, attached to the Bio-Terrorism Unit of the Department of Homeland Security.  Her partner, Goodwin Donnelley, has been ruthlessly murdered by assassins working for a shadowy figure, after coming in contact with one of the “carriers” of the virus.  Now it is up to her to unravel the threads leading up to her partners murder, bring the deadly plot to an end, and the sinister masterminds to justice.  Before they manage to target her for murder . . . or worse.

While in seminary, I was told to “leave the tools in the woodshed,” and bring out the finished product.  Robert Liparulo has done exactly that in his novel, Germ.  From page one I was drawn into this masterfully crafted work of fiction.  Even when handling technically difficult material, the author manages to “show” rather than “tell,” thus keeping the reader fully informed, completely up-to-date, and thoroughly engrossed.  While the price may seem a bit steep, you won’t begrudge the expenditure of a single penny when you invest it in the purchase of this action-packed thriller.

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